‘Heaven and Earth/Nef a Daear’ – Off The Wall Gallery, Cardiff.

heaven & earth/ nef a daear – corrie chiswell 13th september – 9th october

Amazing new show from Welsh Artist of the year (painting award) in 2008 & 2008 Wales Portrait Award, Corrie Chiswell.
Corrie Chiswell’s art embraces realism, but this direct representation of nature is only a means to an end. Her art does not simply depict but endeavours to evoke through a visual language those things we do not see. Her perception of reality can be compared to a crime scene where clues are left to indicate what is happening.

In much of her work she uses symbolism that embraces a dual meaning and frequently an opposing one. This visual ambiguity contributes to the dreamlike quality of the work, and acknowledges the canvas as a portal to another world where there is freedom to create or manipulate anything. Through this symbolism she invites the viewer to decipher an underlying cryptic narrative that explores her interaction with the world.

Although the work is often intense and introspective it still challenges the viewer to explore and recognise feelings of common experience.

In her latest show ‘Heaven and Earth’, Chiswell celebrates the landscape and the figure. She draws inspiration from myths, fairytales and literature but also the world about her – our interaction with the commonplace and the spiritual, the conscious and the sub-conscious.

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