‘Myth, Magic and Madness’, The View Gallery, Bristol


Our next major exhibition is co-curated by Clare Ferguson-Walker. We first got excited by Clare’s work last year when she made the trip from Wales to show us her beautiful sculptures and we were riveted by the stories behind them. We were even more excited to discover Clare was part of a collective who had a strong connection with each other through their love of myth and magic, with a hint of madness. We were soon planning an exhibition.
The best way to describe the theme of the exhibition is in Clare’s own words…
‘Throughout history people have told and retold stories, and often through them have passed on covert insights into human nature via fantasy characters and scenarios. Over time a subtle language of metaphor and symbolism has been built up often uniting people of differing cultural backgrounds. We dream in metaphors, it is how our subconscious mind relates to the world, and perhaps when the barriers between the conscious and subconscious mind break down in waking hours and “normal” reality is experienced from a different perspective we can be called mad, yet some cultures would and do seek out these states, going into trances to retrieve information from the symbolic realm, which can be brought back and used to help the community. So perhaps the “mad” have something to share, to teach, and perhaps if we learn to decipher the clues we see in our dreams we can become more holistically ourselves. If we can influence the wider world by manipulating objects of symbolic significance, can we perform magic? Are we the creators of our own destiny if we believe we are? Perhaps truths hidden deep within old myths and fairytales can help to unlock our hidden potential as masters of our own physical world.

“Myth, Magic, Madness” is a show of work by 5 outstanding artists who are each communicating their unique take on these interwoven themes, thus taking on the role of Shaman in our all too often secular western society.

The exhibition opens on September 9 and runs for 8 weeks. The artist line-up is: Clare Ferguson-Walker, Corrie Chiswell, Glenn Ibbitson, Laura Meredith, and Adam White. An online catalogue will be available nearer the time and images posted soon.


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